Dave and Doris Housh produced and directed this original piece for the Keeping In Touch Specialty Page.  They contributed literally hours, miles, and much effort, to photograph these memories.  The community celebrated the play, as Dave tells us in his written narrative.  The couple took to the road to bring us many of our community favorites, which are now our cherished memories.  

Remember Winstead's Drive-In?  You'll be so glad you had the time to relive the production of Dude Ranch Dilemma, see movie theatre marquees, the library, and much more through this performance.  Sit back and click away, folks, this is awesome.  

There are five segments.  As you enjoy these, as your personal remembrances go around in your brain, won't you sign into our SM North60 Guest Book and let everyone know of this outstanding work by a fellow classmate, Dave Housh, and his lovely wife, Doris.     

 Dude Ranch Dilemma

Segment One
Segment Two
Segment Three
Segment Four
Segment Five